we believe in
better branding*

*built with intention to challenge convention

about us

the cleo m.o.*

*big ideas, better brands, never by-the-book.

Cleo is a design studio dedicated to thinking differently. We make magic out of the mundane to deepen connections and save the world from boring branding.

We use design and psychology to combine what’s cool, what’s relevant, and what actually works to build better brand connections for our clients. 

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our services

brand development

Uncover your brand story and go from suitable to sought-after. 

 web design

Captivate your audience with a custom web experience, built to attract + convert.

social media

*Imagine* never having to come up with an Instagram caption again.

how it works

our method to the magic*

*branding backed by neuroscience

Our secret sauce lies within symbolism and subliminal messaging through color, texture, design, and language that transforms branding from something you can merely see, to something you can feel.

With a strategic focus on consumer psychology, we design to get inside the minds of our clients’ target audience. It’s simple: the more people like your brand, the more they will buy whatever you’re selling. Our compelling visual storytelling process links brand initiatives across platforms to get your brand in more brains.

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